All of the Major, Minor, Augmented and Diminished triad combinations played across 2 octaves.15 page pdf document download contains:- 8 page triad compendium in all keys- Additional pages combining various triad permutation exercises across 2+ octaves - all written in C and to be transposed to the other triads in the compendium- All written in bass clef The goal is to work out the names of the notes in the triad first and then play those notes across the neck. In each key the note order of the two exercises is:- Root 3rd 5th Root 3rd 5th ascending then Root 5th 3rd Root 5th 3rd descending- Root 5th 3rd Root 5th 3rd ascending then Root 3rd 5th Root 3rd 5th descending Again, think the note names - don't rely on shapes. You will end up playing shapes at the END of the process - don't skip the note-learning stage. You will find this much easier if you are thinking of each note rather than trying to work out which shapes you should be joining together. If you don't know where the notes are on the neck then this will help you to find them. If you need to say the names of the notes out loud then this can also help. If you have an instrument with more octaves, then extend the exercises across as much of the neck as possible. You can also start on the lowest available note in each triad on your instrument and extend it to the highest (for example on a 21 fret bass you can play from E to E in 3 octaves, so could play the notes of A minor - A C E - from E to E). The time signatures are purely there to fit each exercise into one bar for ease of presentation, but the exercises do not need to be played while thinking of the time signature. The given tempo is a target speed to work towards - but I would not suggest trying to play this with a metronome as you should play it as slow as you need to get it right. x means double sharpbb means double flat Enjoy!

Triad Compendium - Bass Clef

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    2019 Arran McSporran

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