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In bass clef. For intermediate readers, but also good for those wishing to practise improve their reading of sharps and flats.


21 exercises based on two common 'approach note phrases' commonly used by bass legend James Jamerson - and everyone that's been influenced by him (from Jaco Pastorius to Guns n' Roses).


A great tool to learn how to end your phrases in the right place - by learning to feel where to begin in the bar. It also helps you to develop your chromatic playing by reaching for different chords while staying in position.


The approach note phrases are applied to two common chord progressions in multiple keys.


The pdf includes exercises taking the phrases through all 12 keys.


The pdf progresses to combining both approaches and includes exercises to create your own variations in different keys.



'Jamerson' Chromatic Approaches on Chord Progressions

  • 5 page pdf

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