The Key Signature Mirror Method is a method I developed to get to the elusive stage of visualising the whole fingerboard as one, and not as smaller shapes - in a similar way to how a pianist is (or should be!) always aware of which notes they are playing and can see all the available notes at all times,


This method is the way I now see the fingerboard and it allows total freedom in all keys. If you are intimidated by 'scary' keys with lots of sharps or flats then this simplifies key signatures, the circle of fifths and neck visualisation all into one.


Try combining this with the Mother of All Modes Workouts for full fingerboard facility, and with the All Keys Chord Method - 'The Sequence of Thirds' to easily work out the notes in any chord!


Try it and you'll find you struggle to go back to patterns again!


This is an outline of the basic method. Run with it yourself or for more advice, tips, exercises and so on, then contact me for a private lesson.

Full Fingerboard Visualisation - The Key Signature Mirror Method

  • 2 page pdf document