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I have been teaching privately since the age of 18. I studied at the prestigious Academy Of Contemporary Music in Guildford for two years and now hold a BTEC National Certificate in Music Practice with double distinction and a Contemporary Popular Music Certificate in Higher Education with distinctions. I now teach privately and at the Idol Hands music school in Oxted, Surrey.

I have a wealth of live and studio experience and because I started playing in my mid-teens I can relate to a learning student, as I remember the process myself.

I can teach all electric bass techniques including (and not limited to) finger plucking, playing with a pick, slapping, tapping, harmonics, 3, 4 and 5 finger plucking hand techniques, the use of extended range 5 and 6-string basses, fretless bass, alternate tunings and improvisation.

I also teach general music to students including theory, reading of sheet music and tab, ear training, composition, chords, scales, harmonisation and many other interesting topics.

Rather than going through 'Grades' to learn, I teach in a way that is more individually suited to each student, focussing on the things they enjoy and the reasons that they want to play bass. For example, if you want to play musical theatre I will teach you to read and if you want to play heavy metal I will teach you how to play fast and about stage performance. I like to teach my students songs that they have requested to learn, rather than 'stock' songs, which gives them more incentive to practice as it is a song they know and enjoy listening to. Once the basics of technique are covered, lessons can be entirely what you want them to be.

For enquiries, please email me at arran.mcsporran@gmail.com

Or send an email directly to Idol Hands by clicking here



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