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"there are quite a host of talented bassists recently. Even just the bassists in metal I can appreciate guys like: Jeroen Paul Thesseling, Lars Norberg, Alex Webster, Mike LePond, Roxanne Constantine, Rob van der Loo, Anis Jouini, Emilio Dattolo, Dominic Forest LaPointe, Tony Choy, Rainer Landfermann, Jan Erik Tiwaz, Arran McSporran…"
- Steve Di Giorgio, Interview on bassmusicianmagazine.com (Oct 1, 2011)

"For, where too many unimaginative bands are happy with another version of 'Blackwater Park', De Profundis take inspiration more from a band like Cynic (particularly noticeable through the superb fretless style of their new bassist) in the faster passages, and the moods and melodic solos of Swedish Black Metal."
- Laurent Lignon, doom-metal.com (Nov 14, 2010)

"McSporran plays the finest (fretless) bass heard in metal in a very long time."
- Rainlore, Seven7 - Try Something Different – review on rainloresworldofmusic.net (Aug 31, 2010)

"The bass lines of Arran McSporran are undoubtedly an element of considerable charm and a distinctive sound of the Londoners, so often one is kidnapped by the evolution of the young bass player and we literally forget the other instruments."
- Fabio Galli, De Profundis - A Bleak Reflection - review on MetalItalia.com (translated from the original Italian)

"The technical level of the musicians cannot leave you feeling indifferent, especially the fretless bass player with his playing that stands out very clearly in the mix"
- Sven, De Profundis - A Bleak Reflection - review in 'Hard Rock, Issue 28' (May 01, 2010)
(translated from the original French)

"Arran McSporran['s]...plaintive tone cuts superbly through the soaring guitars and, along with their more disciplined approach, creates a more cohesive and flexible sound than before."
- Will Pinfold, De Profundis - A Bleak Reflection - Review in 'Zero Tolerence, Issue 33' (Jan 01, 2010)

"The first thing that will hit you in this track from the beginning is the bass. The tone and playing style of the bass is extremely well placed in the mix and adds a very unique sound to the band. The bass, as already stated, is very unique and brings to mind bass players like Lars Norberg, from Spiral Architect, Jeroen Thesseling, from Obscura, or even Sean Malone, from Cynic. The bass is audible to the point where it is near the front of the sound with the guitars. The overall tone brings to mind an almost jazzy flavor to the band. "
- maskofgojira, De Profundis - A Bleak Reflection - review on Don't Count On It Reviews (Feb 12, 2010)

"a very interesting sounding bass, but not least is really fantastic, the prevailing mood of the album favourably working in clean passages."
- Michael Bambas, De Profundis - A Bleak Reflection - review on MetalNews.de (Jan 28, 2010)
(translated from the original German)

"The sound of the fretless bass adds, undeniably, a heat to the already full and heavy production." - Necrotaupeslinger, De Profundis - A Bleak Reflection - review on MetalChroniques.fr (Jan 18, 2010) (translated from the original French)

"After a wonderful cello intro, the band opened the second full-length songs with melodic death metal in style but deeply related to the matrices just announced: perfect guitar solo singing clear and limpid soliloquies, an interesting fretless-bass in the background and a rhythm section from fear, all in an excellent production, precise, targeted and not excessive."
- Andrea Moretti "Moro", De Profundis - A Bleak Reflection - review on Metallized.it (translated from the original Italian)

"The gentlemen tend to move in the Doom / Death area, but their cosmic sound accumulates almost permanently with cross-style elements, as well as a huge dominant bass guitar."
- Clean, De Profundis - A Bleak Reflection - review on Stormbringer.at (Feb 04, 2010) (translated from the original German)

Pinning everything together is fretless bass, which naturally evokes Steve DiGiorgio. This record has the organic feel of 'Individual Thought Patterns', but with a much wider palette."
- Cosmo Lee, De Profundis - A Bleak Reflection - Review in 'Decibel' (Apr 01, 2010)

" One point that really makes the group stand out from the rest, in addition to the very good compositions, is the highlighting of the bass whose sound arises to give a very particular colour. Arran McSporran uses a fretless bass, which gives a clicking sound and provides a definite addition to the compositions."
- Olivier, De Profundis - A Bleak Reflection - review on LeChantDuGrillon.fr (translated from the original French)



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