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Seven7 - Under Eye

bassplayersunited.com - 10/10
Lordsofmetal.nl - 77/100
dontcountonitreviews - 7/10
metalmelt - 7/10
necroweb.de (German) - 10/10
metallized.it (Italian) - 81/100
musicwaves.fr (French) - 8/10
stormbringer.at (German) - 4/5


De Profundis - A Bleak Reflection

"[The album’s] almost addictive, doomy resonance promises adulation from metal fans of all varieties."
Terrorizer Magazine (UK)

"... a major step forward from a first-class band."
Zero Tolerance Magazine (UK)

" ...a very special album, difficult to classify well in its complexity, beautifully produced and masterfully executed and composed..." - HeavyWorlds.it

"It is a giant who stands before us, massive and powerful, but yet all in subtlety..."
- MetalChroniques.fr

"The real magic is in the combination [of the ingredients]."
- Decibel Magazine (USA)

"If you're looking for the 'Challenging metal record of the year’, I think we've just found it in "A Bleak Reflection"."
- RockFreaks.net

metalcentre.com - 9/10
lordsofmetal.nl - 90/100
ice-vajal.com - 8/10
indianexpress.com - 4/5
rockfreaks.net - 8.5/10
bira.gen.tr (Turkish) - 11/13
darkside.ru (Russian) - 9/10
extreminal.com (Turkish) - 2.8/5
hardsounds.it (Italian) - 77/100
lechantdugrillon.fr (French)
metal.de (German) - 8/10
metal.it (Italian) - 7.5/10
metalchroniques.fr (French)
metallized.it (Italian) - 75/100
metalnews.de (German) - 6/7
necroslaughter.de (German) - 5/6
obliveon.de (German) - 9/10
ondalternativa.it (Italian) - 4/5
pitchline-zine.com (Spanish) - 7.5/10
progressivewaves.fr (French) - 8/10
revolution-music.dk (Danish)


Seven7 - Try Something Different



The Separation - Retire Your Engines

"This could be the sound of The Separation just revving their engines. Don't bet against them taking the chequered flag..." 
Big Cheese Magazine - Issue 108

"Well on their way to making a real name for themselves"
- Big Cheese Magazine - Issue 108

"If you're sick of bands who are afraid to break out of the constraints of what punk and rock can offer then these guys are worth checking out"
Big Cheese Magazine - Issue 108

"A distinctly English edge that first made Hundred Reasons and Reuben so exciting" 
Big Cheese Magazine - Issue 108

"There's a sense of fun to 'Retire Your Engines' and I can imagine their live gigs are performed with a smile on their faces" 
- Paul Hagen, Big Cheese Magazine - Issue 106

"The Separation are a post-hardcore band that chuck in a load of rock styles, from punk to stadium rock." 
- Paul Hagen, Big Cheese Magazine - Issue 106

"At times it reminds me of Reuben or the early Hundred Reasons EPs" 
- Paul Hagen, Big Cheese Magazine - Issue 106

"The Separation's debut album has an infectious sense of energy" 
- Paul Hagen, Big Cheese Magazine - Issue 106

"So, what are the stand out tracks? Hard to choose because I like them all"
-Platinum Mind Promotions - May 23 2008

"Live review - 7/10" 
- Trevor Baker, Rock Sound Magazine - Issue 114

"The Separation...charge through their chaotic post-hardcore set, spooning melodic riffs over the top like whipped cream" 
- Trevor Baker, Rock Sound Magazine - Issue 114

"Their debut album is a huge effort, which hits all the right places at all the right times."
Club Fandango

"Hard edged riffs, broad vocals and some clean artwork."
Club Fandango

"The Separation wield an asset to distinguish them from a mighty crowded arena" 
- Adam F Kennedy, Rock Sound Magazine - Issue 113

"There's plenty to herald within this debut album" 
- Adam F Kennedy, Rock Sound Magazine - Issue 113

"Mark Bartlett's impassioned vocals veer from SoCal emo-scraping intonations to considerable ire at the flick of a switch" 
- Adam F Kennedy, Rock Sound Magazine - Issue 113

"For fans of: Motion City Soundtrack, Billy Talent, Rise Against" 
- Adam F Kennedy, Rock Sound Magazine - Issue 113



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